How did you ended up living here? This is the question I ask the foreigners I interview for my blog. I love to listen to their stories and  share them with you.

Locals tell me stories about the life on this beautiful town, about their struggles, adventures and dreams.

Below is a list of all my People Posts, you can get to know our amazing multicultural community here on Nosara Stories.

Cómo terminó usted viviendo aquí?  Esta es la pregunta que le hago a todos los extranjeros que entrevisto para mi Blog.

Los Nosareños me cuentan historias acerca de sus vidas en este hermoso pueblo, sus luchas, aventuras y sueños.

Esta es una lista de los posts de Gente, usted puede conocer nuestra comunidad multicultural aquí.

Cinthya: We are “all terrain” nannies

Robert: Yoga is for Everyone

Page: There are no coincidences, I just followed my heart.

Luis: Chasing waves around Latin America

Karen – How I came to buil Sacred Space in Nosara

Ileana: How did “Vive el Sueño” initiative started?

Yali: I am grateful I can be a yoga teacher in Nosara

Gerardo (Lalo): I started working with oxen and horses when I was 12

Susana: I design with LOVE in NOSARA

Jill: I found Nosara by chance, today it is my home.

Ronald: Hard work and proactivity give results.

Jacqueline: Remembering my childhood in Nosara

Horace: Nosara needed a yoga institute and we needed to create one, it is called NEXUS.

Janel: for 20 years I lived in a Monastery, now I live a fuller life in Nosara

Gabbie: How yoga changed my life

Lalo: living with disability in Nosara

Jenni: the impossible is possible

Meriah: from the Concrete Jungle to the Pura Vida Jungle

Mariella: facing loss in the River

Willy: Dancing, passion and profession

Dariana: Following a Dream

Alexander and Juanita: How they started the Pipa Business

Ariana: From Sugar to Namaste

Rosy: Sunday Meeting Guiones Beach

Norberth: Job Interview in Nosara